You only have to fill the form on homepage. Select user name, email and password and submit. You will get a verification mail to the email given. Confirm and you may now Login.

KYC is an abbreviation for Know Your Customer and provides informations for personal identification.

Although COINPRIMEX does not belong to a regulated market the internal security guidelines require the identification of the account owner. KYC is not necessary for trading purpose but in case of withdrawl request KYC has to be complete.

After first LogIn you end upon a security site. Before getting to the trading module you have now to do a second security step by doing a two-factor authenication (2FA).

We recommed to download an authenticator app on your smartphone (e.g. Google authenticator). Click on Two factor button on the security site. A subsite opens with a QR Code. Open the app and add the QR by scanning it from the screen.

Type in the 6 digit code. Now you are guided directly to the trading module where you can see all your trading activities and history.

Login to your account. Click on deposit on the left menu. On the deposit site you will find all your wallet adresses. Copy the wallet adress of the cryptocurrency you want to place. Paste it in the wallet you want to send the cryptocurrency from and confirm.

The amount transferred is shown in the balance below the wallet adress.

Login to your account. Choose the pair you want to trade. Scroll down in the trading module. Click on BUY and complete the transaction.

Login to your account. Choose the pair you want to trade. Scroll down in the trading module. Click on SELL and complete the transaction .

Before being able to request a withdrwal you have to complete the KYC.

After approval of KYC withdrawl will be released

COINPRIMEX is a cryptocurrency exchange. We do not deal with fiat money.

If you want to trade on COINPRIMEX you have to change fiat money into bitcoin or ethereum. Please select your favorite exchange plattform by internet (e.g. Bitpanda, Coinbase).

One change (either Bitcoin orEthereum) would be enough. You can then change Bitcoin into Ethereum or viceversa on COINPRIMEX.

If you want to buy altcoins on COINPRIMEX you have to deposit first either bitcoin or ethereum .

COINPRIMEX will charge for all buy and sell orders 0,15% of the traded amount. If an order is cancelled or only partly executed the fee will apply only for the traded amount.

COINPRIMEX will not charge for deposits.

COINPRIMEX does not request minimum amounts for BTC, ETH or established coins. But a minimum deposit amount of 250000 coins/tokens will be requested in case of new generated coins/tokens.

In case of mistakenly deposit to a wrong wallet adress e.g. LTC on ETH wallet the user has to inform COINPRIMEX. COINPRIMEX will review the back transfer request.

Transferring the deposit to the right adress is a time consuming manual process and will be charged with 15% of the transferred total deposit.

For security reasons COINPRIMEX does allow to change the email address associated with the COINPRIMEX account.

In case you are forced to change the email adress (e.g. threat of misuse) please contact immediately