Version: 1.2

Last update: Oct 17,2018


COINPRIMEX is a non regulated crypto exchange. COINPRIMEX takes all personal related data and privacy very seriosly and privacy protection is subject to permanent supervision.


COINPRIMEX collects information from users to start the registration procedure. We will not collect any other sensitive data as those requested to register and withdraw coin deposits as layed down by our internal compliance.

COINPRIMEX will use these data only for internal purposes to manage the plattform, to improve or maintain it or to develop new products ands services.

COINPRIMEX supervises implementation and maintenance of the plattform on a regular basis to ensure security of personal data and wallets.

COINPRIMEX will not share or sell any personal data given by the users with any third party or external networks.

Third party links or services

COINPRIMEX may include or promote third party websites.

Third party links or services

COINPRIMEX may include or promote third party websites.

COINPRIMEX privacy policy will not be valid or applicable when users follow the links and switch to third party websites. In these cases all personal data provided by users on these website are governed by the privacy policy of the third party.


In case of wanting to access, edit, correct or update any provided personal data please contact COINPRIMEX support at


COINPRIMEX will use cookies to record your IP adress, time and date of visit, the site from where the user links to our site, any pages opened and any data downloaded for statistical analysis. If you do not agree to the cookie you may disable cookies changing the set up in the browser of your device. Please note that changing the computer set up may interfere the functionability at your site.


COINPRIMEX reviews its privacy policy as well as the terms and conditions regularly.

COINPRIMEX will inform the user when changes or updates occur.

COINPRIMEX welcome the user to visit the privacy and terms and conditions to be up to date.


COINPRIMEX will disclose users in case of obvious misuse of the plattform or if we are legally bound to do so.

COINPRIMEX will give note in case of disclosure.